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PLEASE HELP pass Arizona’s HB2173 making gold and silver legal tender in Arizona by contacting Gov. Ducey to get behind the Arizona Legislature and SIGN THE BILL INTO LAW! http://www.azleg.gov/legtext/52leg/1r/bills/hb2173h.pdf

More than 15 states are in the process of re-establishing precious metals currency as an option to Federal Reserve Notes for payment of debts, goods and services.

Right now, if we use silver coin specified in the U.S. Constitution to pay for gasoline, we would have to pay an erroneous additional tax on the transaction in addition to state sales tax as though we “profited” from the sale of silver which we bought years ago at a lower price in DOLLARS.

The Dollar greatly changes value, but not the silver. This is why the Founders of our great nation specified using precious metal-backed currencies instead of paper money printed without anything you can exchange it for at the bank.

Utah and Oklahoma already passed this law and Arizona passed this March 2015 for the second time in. This is happening across the nation; Arizona’s bill is waiting for the governor to sign it into law. Gov. Ducey needs to hear from YOU.


Please email and call to leave messages to Gov. Doug Ducey at (602) 542-4331 (press 2 to leave a message) and ask those in your email and phone circle of friends to do so.

Website is www.azgovernor.gov and click on “engage” and follow instructions for email messages.


  • HB2173 was passed nearly unanimously by the majority party in both Arizona Houses. By signing it into law, Gov. Ducey has the opportunity to bring Arizona into compliance with Article 1, Section 10, clause 1 of the U.S. Constitution, and to help bring financial solvency to many who wish to voluntarily use gold and silver as money.
  • One of the functions of the State of Arizona is to protect the liberty of its citizens. We cannot have liberty without private property rights being protected. And private property rights cannot be protected without sound money that maintains its purchasing power over centuries and even millennia. This is why our Country’s Founders stipulated gold and silver coin as tender within the Constitution.
  • To facilitate this compliance, HB 2173 offers Arizona citizens a choice of tendering gold and silver without the debilitating obstruction of taxation as property – which prevents its use as money. Thus, if a private citizen saves gold and silver for retirement then years later he or she will still be able to purchase approximately the same goods with it as he could when he started saving.
  • This of course cannot be said for the constantly diminishing purchasing power of our current Federal Reserve Notes. Thus HB2173 is a way out for Arizonans in the very likely case that the Federal Reserve Note fails when found worthless due to inflation and the crushing weight of the national debt.
  • To veto this bill would also be violating the U.S. Constitution Article 1, Sec. 10, Clause 1 provision that “No State shall…pass any…Law impairing the obligation of contracts…”
  • Current federal and state capital gains taxes impair Arizonans’ free use of constitutional money, if they wish, as a contract between two or more law-abiding citizens.


  • This requirement of all bills must be met. If the State of Arizona would be taking any meaningful loss in revenue by cancelling its 3% capital gains tax, we could not find any figures from the State Treasurer’s office or the Dept. of Revenue to show it! It’s not even traceable!
  • When it becomes law in Arizona, HB2173 will do exactly the opposite in the long run – that is, it will be revenue positive by bringing in business. People will begin to recognize that Arizona’s money is real and that it is not subject to inflationary loss in buying power as is the Federal Reserve Note. This will result in financial stability among those who choose to contract, invest or trade by using gold and silver. Arizona especially will benefit from this proven stability against inflation.

Choice in currency is a natural right recognized in both the U.S. and Arizona Constitutions. Let’s make this choice today. CALL OR EMAIL GOV. DUCEY TODAY and let him know if you are a PC!


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The U.S. Constitution Article I Section 10 purposefully states (“No State shall …make any Thing but gold and silver Coin a Tender in Payment of debt[,] …”)

HB2173 which restores gold and silver coin as money pursuant to such, passed the Arizona Senate in March 2015.


  • Money determines how goods and services are traded in an economy.
    In a free economy people can choose what they use for money. Our founders provided gold and silver coin as money which was known to be universally accepted. And such coins when standardized in weight and purity maintained their buying power. When people used gold and silver coin (commodity currency) as money–it was money.

On December 23rd 1913 Congress introduced fiat currency which was issued as paper bills and ledger entries initially redeemable in gold and silver coin. From that date until April 5, 1933 people could choose to use either gold and silver coin or fiat bills and ledger accounts in Federal Reserve member banks (both) as money.

From that date until January 1, 1964 U.S. Citizens could choose to use silver coins OR Federal Reserve fiat bills and ledger accounts as money. But since January 1, 1964 U.S. Citizens could no longer choose to get coin having 90% silver in exchange for their paper bills or ledger entries from the United States Mint.
Fiat currency is the means by which private central banks finance government outside and independently from the economy.

  • With fiat currency the central government can spend money it does not have and tax industry less than the money that was spent. Fiat currency private central banks can issue at will regardless of the production of goods and services by the economy. That is why tax debt can EXCEED 100% of the Gross Domestic Product.

Consequently private central banks (who are not the participants in the economy) maintain and exert authority over the legislated and constituted government through fiat currency. That makes the economy (and the people who make it happen) servant to those very same private central banks.


  • Gold and silver coin are finite (limited quantity) tangible commodities which cannot be issued by fiat.

As such, banks and governments must depend upon the economy (which is the production and trade of goods and services ) paid for with these tangible finite commodities. That makes the private central banks and government servant to the economy and the people who make it happen.

  • HB2173 restores gold and silver coin as a choice of money which, BECAUSE IT IS MONEY, cannot be designated a taxable capital gain since it merely preserves purchasing power by being an alternate form of your labor!

This has the potential to restore private central banks and central government as servants to our economy rather than our economy servant to private central banks and central government.

Please make the restoration of gold and silver coin a legacy of this administration; sign this bill into law.

Generations in Arizona after ours will thank us for our compliance with the Arizona and U.S. Constitutions, protecting our earning power when placed in trading form.


Please email and call to leave messages to Gov. Doug Ducey at (602) 542-4331 (press 2 to leave a message) and ask those in your email and phone circle of friends to do so.

Website is www.azgovernor.gov and click on “engage” and follow instructions for email messages.

CALL OR EMAIL GOV. DUCEY TODAY and let him know if you are a PC!

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